Fly on, little wing.

Fly on, little wing.

Clara Day. PNW. Barista with ambitions, likes to be outside, wants to go places and pitch a tent there, does surveys to pass time, and knows way too much about coffee and wine.

I have an italian greyhound and he is my god.
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28. September 2014

Charlotte showed up in town for the weekend, which was totally unexpected and wonderful. However I’m (finally) back to balancing school and work, which means I really had a ton of homework and housework to catch up on. But whatever, I’d drop fucking anything to be around her.

Oh, and on top of that, I went to the ER yesterday because I lost hearing in my right ear. Turns out I have two different kinds of ear infections (middle and inner) which is supah dupah fun cause I randomly get dizzy and drunk feeling at the most random moments because of my equilibrium being way off balance. And there’s a gorgeous ringing/throbbing going on as well.

But after 2 chapters of communications class work, I’m taking some narcotics and taking a trip to happy town.

Ya know, just incase anyone has been curious.