Fly on, little wing.

Fly on, little wing.

Clara Day. PNW. Barista with ambitions, likes to be outside, wants to go places and pitch a tent there, does surveys to pass time, and knows way too much about coffee and wine.

I have an italian greyhound and he is my god.
I reblog outdoor photos, the moon, and foxes.

Getting a new laptop in the next few days weeeeeee so excited!

Fantasy football is the bane of my existence.

Well, not precisely but I still can’t think of a bigger waste of time or a more useless obsession. Just…imo there are literally 1000 better ways to spend your time and energy. Literally 1000. I know, I know, it’s only an opinion and fantasy football isn’t truly hurting anyone…but I just really cannot wrap my head around the idea of lying on my deathbed and going “yep, sure glad I got that wide receiver in my 2014 draft…I have lived a full life.”