Fly on, little wing.

Fly on, little wing.

Clara Day. PNW. Barista with ambitions, likes to be outside, wants to go places and pitch a tent there, does surveys to pass time, and knows way too much about coffee and wine.

I have an italian greyhound and he is my god.
I reblog outdoor photos, the moon, and foxes.

Will someone please tell me why the FUCK seatac parking is so unbelievably expensive?

I really want to meet new peopleee.

New friends sound fun.

silverwood road trip wooooooooooooo~~

suddenly I’m so excited and happy its summer. Charlotte, Frenchy, Siraj and I are gonna do a camping/silverwood trip this august. yasssss!!

I’m already eager for fall.

Don’t get me wrong, summers not bad. Its just hot. And boring, when you cant disappear for a few nights, or take a dip in a lake or river. I cant remember how I used to spend these days, either. I guess I probably just slept through them after drinking all night before. 

I need a new group of people to spend time with. People who actually want to make something of 12 hours of sunlight and warm evenings.

I just dont see that happening now, though, materializing out of thin air right when I want it most. So I’ll settle for college, and waiting for the fall, and watching other people experience some of the difficulties I did last year, in my shoes.

But man, I’m bored.